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einnosys is a global IT outsourcing company specializing in Factory Automation, Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Mobile Apps, Web Applications and Custom Software.

Quality, Innovation, and Unmatched Customer Value Creation are our core values.

At Einnosystech, a software application that functions as per the client specification is never sufficient. The application must be designed with appropriate software design patterns; the code must be of top quality and must have gone through a rigorous and comprehensive QA plan. The result is robust and scalable software applications of the highest quality. This is possible consistently because we are passionate about and dedicated to developing world-class software applications.

We are one of the handfuls of companies in the world that have successfully developed a factory automation application from scratch in Android, which required modifying Android OS developed by Google. In addition to native Android and iOS, we also specialize in developing mobile apps using a hybrid platform, so that your mobile app can run not only on iOS & Android, but also on Windows and blackberry while saving you the significant costs.

What differentiates us from others –

  • Our relentless commitment to the quality and reliability of the software
  • We love to help our clients to save cost by using free, open-source software, where possible
  • With our service, our clients get complimentary project management service where the project manager keeps the client up-to-date with the project status, presents risk assessment and mitigation plan, etc.
  • With offices in the US, India, South-East Asia, and Taiwan, we are able to offer cost savings of offshore development without the cost of losing local touch