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Cloud & DevOps

With the constant changes in technology and customer needs, businesses need to be agile and quick in adoption of new technologies. Heavy investment in in-house IT infrastructure and applications makes it harder and more time consuming in adopting changes. This is the reason why even Fortune 500 companies are adopting DevOps and Cloud, which is running server and business applications on the Cloud.

Cloud services are offered by technology behemoths such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Einnosys has been using Cloud services for its own products and services for many years and have helped businesses migrate from local IT infrastructure and applications to the Cloud. In addition, Einnosys has been managing DevOps for many organizations of varying size.

Through managed services of Einnosys, you can focus on your business and leave your IT services to us, be it application deployment, security or performance.

Our Offerings:

DevOps Architecture

Having set up and managed data centers for decades, our team is experienced with DevOps Architecture. We ensure that your enterprise has the necessary computing power and backup systems in place without any wasteful spending.

Einnosys team has saved thousands of dollars in annual spending by re-architecting DevOps setup for our customers.

Monitoring Service

Our expert team monitors your systems and applications to ensure that your services are running uninterrupted and are performing well.

Release Management

Einnosys team helps you with software release management on the cloud. During the roll-out, we ensure that the application maintenance window is as small as possible so that the impact on your customers is minimized.

Case Studies:

1.Machine learning application on AWS

Einnosys has successfully developed a Machine Learning application in Amazon SageMaker and deployed on AWS.

2.Web server for Retail

Einnosys developed a retail application that included a couple of different web portals and a web application. All of the server-side code was implemented on AWS.