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EIRMS – Recipe Management System

A recipe management system is a software application that manages the complex relationships and processes related to a company’s production recipes.

They store the recipes, enable recipe modification, generate data required for production records, and even provide the ability to launch tasks and processes.

Recipe management systems are most effective when integrated with a manufacturing execution system (MES) or other higher-level control systems.

Recipe management can also be a module within an MES.

In manufacturing, a recipe is a set of instructions or steps needed to operate a machine, combine ingredients or raw materials in a certain way and in certain ratios, or otherwise process the materials to achieve the desired end product.

Regardless of how complex or simple the manufacturing environment, whether discrete, process or batch, it is common to have a long list of component parts or ingredients, many pieces of equipment and hundreds of steps to follow before the end product is considered complete.

Some manufacturing lines even switch frequently between different products;

Some require elaborate equipment cleaning protocols to be followed between batches;

And most execute multiple batches on a given day – all of which must be coordinated.

Common Features of a Recipe Management System

  • Recipe versioning.
  • Recipe archiving.
  • Allocation of equipment.
  • Automation of recipe procedures.
  • Product variant control between similar products.
  • Generation of material flow, execution and quality data for production records.


  • Optimizing the setup of production lines.
  • Achieving repeatable quality despite constantly changing material, machine and personnel parameters.
  • Reducing the cost of compliance.
  • Responding more readily to changing demand, new opportunities or formulations, and other market conditions.

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