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Manufacturing Optimization

Improve throughput from the exact same factory space & staff and reduced manufacturing cost through automation from Einnosys

Over the last 25 years, Einnosys staff has developed well over 500 applications on various innovative ways to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reduce cost. Einnosys founder has written 3 technical publications in US journals on how innovative & customized automation applications can drive manufacturing efficiencies and reduce cost.

Our Expertise:

Einnosys specializes in helping improve manufacturing efficiencies, which is –

• Improving yield by reducing scrap/waste due to human errors
• Improving throughput & OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
• Lower equipment downtime and cycle time
• Lower manufacturing cost

Case Study:

Improving throughput by 22% and cost-saving of USD 1.5 million + USD 200K annually

At one of our US customer’s factories, through various automation applications, Einnosys helped them achieve 22% higher throughput resulting in cost savings of USD 1.5 million in the purchase of new equipment and USD 200K in annual maintenance.