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Mobile App Development

einnosys is one of the handful companies in the world who has successfully implemented entire factory automation app from scratch.

This app has to monitor and control several hardware devices at rates such as 100 millisecond and send signals/commands to hardware that rate. This is quite challenging to do in Android as it is not a real-time OS. einnosys team of mobile apps developers took the challenge and implemented the project successfully. This application has been running 24x7x365 factories.

In addition to factory automation, einnosys has developed mobile apps of many different kinds, including for e-commerce and banking. One team of our developers are experts in native OS, such as iOS and Android, while the other team is expert at hybrid technologies such as PhoneGap, Cordova, etc. These platforms allow you to write the code once and deploy on multiple platforms including iOS and Android, saving huge costs to our customers.


Below are a couple of screenshots of an e-commerce mobile app developed for iOS. Some of the features of this app are –

  • Item lookup through barcode scan
  • Store lookup “near me”
  • Shopping items