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Reporting Software – SCADashboard

SCADashboard is a Customized Reporting Software for Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS) which works with most SCADA systems. The reports can be generated in Tabular or Graphics Format and can be scheduled for Automatic Email Reporting.


  • Customized Report.
  • Live Data update, Data Publishing, and Custom Dashboard.
  • Easy to Monitor your System.
  • Easy To Install, Migrates Old Database to New Database.
  • Automatically Email Reporting. 
  • Summary Generation, KPI Generation.
  • Download reports in PDF format
  • Role-Based Authorization as per the Admin.

What will SCADashboard Do?

  • SCADashboard is a Customized Reporting Software as per the need of the client.
  • It Directly collects Data from any Third-party OEM and presents it in Tabular and Chart form.
  • t Migrates Old Database to New Database as per need.
  • It Has User and Administration control.

Case Study:

  • Successfully Developed our SCADashboard Reporting Software in SUN Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with Honeywell BMS System.
  • Generated Reports for their HVAC System like:
    • Alarms Report
    • Audit Trails With Digital Signature