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SeerSight – Predictive Maintenance For Factory

Improve Yield, OEE, Product Quality & Equipment Uptime. Predicts device failures in equipment, days in advance and prevents unexpected equipment failure.

SeerSight comes with all required hardware and software, including smart sensors, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based data analysis software, and other required hardware.

SeerSight continuously monitors your equipment’s health through smart sensors, detects anomalies through proprietary AI/ML-based algorithms, and notifies you when it predicts component health deterioration thereby preventing unexpected equipment failure.

  • Improves Yield & Product Quality
  • Increases Throughput & OEE
Benefits Of SeerSight
  • Improve Yield, Product Quality & OEE
  • Reduce spare parts & equipment maintenance cost
  • Saves hundreds of thousands of $$ annually in unplanned downtime
  • Based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models
  • Based on analysis of vibration, acoustics, current, etc.
  • Plug-n-Play: No hardware or software changes to existing equipment
Features of Seer Sight
Fixing something before it breaks is more efficient and cost-effective than fixing it after it breaks.
  • Easy to setup, Installation of ten takes minutes
  • Requires no hardware or software changes to your machines, sensors are attached to the body of your machine.
  • Both on-premise and cloud options are available
  • Summarized and detailed charts & graphs of equipment health
Case Study:
  • One customer reduced unplanned downtime by 160+ hours annually
  • Our customers have reported ROI of up to 220%
Applications Of SeerSight

Vacuum Pumps

Cassette Loader


Fan and Blowers

Cabinet Exhausts