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SmartXBox is a unique and plug-n-play solution for automation of any old or legacy equipment in the factory. It allows the extraction of real-time data and alarms and allows remote control of the machine.

Enabling Automation capability on your EXISTING EQUIPMENT

Does your factory have equipment which you can’t get automation capability to extract data or controlling machine or it’s just too expensive?
Are you an Equipment Manufacturer who wants to offer automation capability to your customer without modifying existing software or hardware?

SmartXBox solves these problems!!

And it does without requiring any software or hardware installation on your equipment!


  • Enables OPC, Modbus, JSON and MQTT communication capabilities on existing equipment.
  • 100% safe – requires no software or hardware installation on the equipment.
  • Connects to the equipment PC with only 2 cables.
  • No PC on the equipment, no problem!
  • Enables automation capabilities such as data collection & analysis, Fault Detection Classification (FDC), setting setpoints, equipment configuration parameters & lot more.
  • Supports Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.
  • Improves Yield, OEE, Cycle Time, process and reduces manufacturing cost.
  • Takes minutes to setup.

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